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A few valuable small kitchen interior design ideas

Not every homeowner has a large kitchen. However, even if you have a small kitchen you can make it a fully functional and attractive facility, in no way inferior to spacious kitchens.

In fact, it’s not the area of the kitchen that makes it valuable to its owners, but rather how competently organized its interior space is. This article covers some crucial ways of organizing small kitchen space and correctly decorating it.

Remove all partitions

Removing all non-load-bearing walls in the kitchen is an excellent way not only to increase your space, but also to change kitchen’s configuration.

Thanks to the removal of partitions and walls, your kitchen can get new views and become more accessible from the adjacent rooms of your home, such as the living room or dining room.

If you are unsure of whether it is allowed to break down a wall or partition in your kitchen, then first consult construction specialists or architects.

Use multifunctional furniture

Due to the fact that furniture takes up a lot of free space, it is advisable to purchase only a few of the most important and multifunctional furniture items. These items should be arranged so that it may be convenient for you to cook.

Using tall and narrow cabinets instead of wide and low cabinets is an excellent option for small kitchens, because narrow cabinets take up little floor space and effectively use the upper space of the kitchen. Before buying such kind of cabinets make sure that the cabinets will be easily and quickly accessible to you.

Choose minimalism interior design style

There are a few interior styles that are suitable for a small kitchen:

– High-tech that does not accept unnecessary decor and elaborate accessories. It is characterized by the use of glass, metal and cold tones. Everything should be as comfortable as possible.

– Minimalism that features strict lines, the complete absence of excess pieces and bulky elements.

– Art Nouveau that is perfect for avid bachelors and young couples. It allows for non-standard furniture and accessories of any shape. Also, it welcomes a bold combination of colors and shades.

– Japanese style that features the severity of all lines, grace and a set of unpretentious forms. The style is also characterized by light and dark shades, as well as natural materials. The main feature of this style is non-standard original lamps.

You can use any of the above styles or mix them depending on your needs and likings.

When decorating small spaces using the baroque or classic interior design style is undesirable as these styles are known for their passion for solid furniture, heavy fabrics, and rich colors. All this can cause significant damage to the visual perception of the small kitchen space.

Use bright colors and shiny surfaces.

Dark colors makerooms visually smaller. To make the space look larger, use only light colors and their shades. Black color can be used only as an accent to highlight any area in the kitchen space.

In addition to light colors, the kitchen can be visually enlarged by using kitchen furniture with shiny or light surfaces. For example, a glass table, large mirrors, and cabinets with a glossy finish are bound to fit beautifully into the interior of any small kitchen.

Make your kitchen well lit

The main features of well-designed small kitchen are uniform lighting and a sufficient amount of lamps to get well-lit space. Installing chandeliers is undesirable as they make your kitchen’s space visually smaller. For small kitchens, using a lot of small lamps is much better than using one or two big ones.

Choose track or rather can lighting as the main lighting for your kitchen. Besides, be sure to install additional lamps to well light kitchen work area. For this purpose, you can also use lighting built in your cabinets and shelves.