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Choosing the right way of lighting your hallway

When it comes to installing lighting in the home, people usually consider various lighting options for the main rooms, such as kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, paying little attention to lighting small areas of their homes, such as hallways. Meanwhile, the hallway lighting plays a huge role both in the functionality of the home and its interior design.

To better understand the difficulties that you are likely to come across when installing the hallway lighting, you should first find out about the key features of the hallway.

Hallway features

In most houses and apartments, the hallway is small as it is designed just for people to enter other rooms of the apartment/house.  It’s good if your hallway is wide. In this case, you can place a couple of beautiful floor lamps in it.

But what if your hallway is narrow and there is no free space for floor lamps? In this case, you can use only pendant lighting or lighting built into the ceiling.

Another important issue is the appearance of the hallway. Everyone knows that lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design. The hallway is no exception to this rule.

If you want to make a strong impression on your guests, then when installing hallway lighting you should take into account not only the practical component, but also the aesthetic one.

In other words, choosing the most suitable lighting for your hallway, you should pay close attention to the technical and aesthetic features of not only the light, but also its sources. Let’s consider the main ways of hallway lighting from which you can choose the most suitable later.

Track lighting

Track lighting is the perfect solution for narrow and long hallways to look great and stand out against the background of the ceiling. Track lighting is ideal for both wide, spacious hallways and narrow ones. The main advantages of this way are versatility, as well as ease and quick installation.

However, in practice, using this only way to light the hallway is insufficient to fill the space of the hallway with light, but you can successfully combine the track lighting with other ways of lightings.

Can Lighting

Another good way to beautifully and efficiently light the hallway is mounting the so-called can lighting. Depending on the width of your hallway, you can install the lamps in one row in the center of the ceiling, in a few rows, in a checkerboard pattern, or around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Unlike the above track lighting, the can lighting allows you make your hallway well lit and at the same time draw the eye in. However, installing it is more complicated and longer compared to installing track lighting.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps always add aesthetics to the hallway and make the space well lit, however they take up a lot of floor space, therefore their use is justified only in spacious wide hallways, that is, where floor lamps do not interfere with the movement of people.

In narrow hallways, you should prefer any kinds of lighting installed on the ceiling such pendant or track one. Although elegant floor lamps, as a rule, are more expensive than ordinary ceiling lights, floor lamps installation in the hallway is very simple and quick.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is another great way to make your hallway to stand out and be well lit. This way works excellently in both wide and narrow hallways.

Today, online and offline stores offer you a wide range of various lamps from which you can always pick the ones that you find the most suitable for the goals you pursue and that meets best your needs and desires.

Additional ways of lighting the hallway

Also, you can use some other effective ways to add some additional portion of light to the space of your hallway. One of them is installing one or some good-looking mirrors with build-in lights or sconces on the walls of your hallway with the idea not only to light additionally the hallway, not also to decorate it.

If you think that using only one specific option is not that your hallway needs, you can use some of the above ways mixing them depending on your likings.