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Highlight your home’s interior with the best accent pieces

If you want your home not only to serve you as a commonplace place to sleep, but also to please you and your family with its appearance, surprise your guests, be comfortable in use and recharge you with energy for the coming day, then you can not do without using accents in the interior of your home’s rooms.

Thanks to accents, your home is radically transformed and you get a completely different look. How much the appearance of your home’s interior affects you, your family, and your guests depends on how well you choose the accents for the rooms of your home.

Accent colors

As you know, the interior is decorated in at least three colors:

  1. The main color, which is the background of the entire interior;
  2. Complementary color, which dilutes the main color, but also plays the role of a background in interior design;
  3. Accent color, which contrasts with the background colors, thereby standing out against the background.

The ideal ratio of these three colors in the interior is 6:3:1, which is quite logical: 90% of the color in the room is background and only 10% is accent color against the background of the primary and secondary colors.

With all that in mind, we can conclude that you should not abuse using accent colors in your home’s interior and your accents should fit harmoniously into the entire interior, otherwise you risk getting motley rooms devoid of sophistication and hinting to your guests that you, the owner of the home, have neither a sense of taste nor moderation.

What colors as accents to use in the interior?

As stated above, accents should stand out against the background of the entire interior. To do this, bright colors contrasting with the background ones are primarily used.

Red color stands out well against the background of yellow, white, or blue. In interiors decorated in blue tones, it is recommended to use yellow or orange accents.

White color used in the rooms as a background (white walls, ceiling or furniture) gives you ample opportunities for design ideas. Against a white background, decorative elements of red, orange, blue, green, or even black look great. By the way, contrasting black against a white background is one of the most common ways to make a room stylish.

What pieces as accents are worth using?

Small objects of bright colors which can contrast well against the background of the interior of the room are most often chosen as accents. Paintings, figurines, chairs, pillows, indoor plants, carpets, rugs, toys, flowers, floor lamps, sconces, flow lights, books, small furniture pieces, curtains, vases, porcelain dishes – all this and much more can be effectively used as decorative elements and accents.

The main thing is that there should not be too many accent pieces. Accent objects should be exactly as many as necessary in order to make the room look good.

Sometimes you can create a contrast of colors without using accent items. This way is often used for functional zoning of a room. For example, you can paint one of your room’s walls or part of a wall in a contrasting color.

Also, using small furniture pieces as accents gives a positive effect. For example, professional interior designers recommend using a coffee table in the living room or a bedside table in the bedroom as an accent. An elegant glass table with an unusual configuration is certain to radically change the look of your entire interior and attract the attention of your guests.

Room features

When choosing a suitable accent color, it is important to consider the interior design style in which the room is decorated, as well as the specific features of the room itself.

Any bright colors are suitable for a children’s room – green, yellow, blue, red, white depending on the background color. Toys, various boxes, or books are typical accents here.

For the study, white and black colors, which serve as contrasts to each other, are usually used. Small furniture, curtains, and indoor plants are typical accents for the study.

The kitchen can be highlighted in different ways depending on your wishes: accent colors here are used not only for aesthetics, but also for functional zoning. Using curtains, tablecloth, or chairs as accents is a great way to highlight the kitchen.

The living room is emphasized with bright colors – decorative pillows, curtains, small furniture, or plants. This is especially important for rooms where guests are often received.

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