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Some useful small living room decorating ideas

Not all owners of apartments or houses have luxurious spacious living rooms, but all people strive for more comfort and functionality. How to make these wishes come true, having just a small living room?

Our tips below are bound to help you get a fully functional and beautiful living room without significant cost of your money and time – just follow our tips and enjoy your updated living room!

Use open furniture

To add lightness and openness to the interior of your small living room, never choose closed furniture. Forget about sofas with armrests as:

– Firstly, upholstered furniture without armrests can accommodate more people;

– Secondly, you can come and sit on the sofa from any direction, wherever it is convenient for you.

– Besides, it visually adds space to the living room.

The same way should be followed as for cabinets, shelves, and the like. Try choosing open furniture pieces so that they may not darken the room with unnecessary surfaces.

Also, do not store too many figurines, souvenirs and other small items on the shelves, all these things take up free space in the living room.

Use furniture with reflective properties

Another effective way to visually enlarge the living room is using furniture with reflective, glass and glossy surfaces. Also, such furniture makes the living room brighter.

Using cabinets with white glossy finish is an excellent solution for small living rooms decorated in modern design styles. Small glass coffee tables are also in high demand.

In terms of reflectivity, the most important piece of furniture in the living room is the mirror. It brings dynamics, space and light to the room. It is advisable to hang a larger mirror in order to achieve the desired effect.

Use light colors

It’s no secret that light colors make the living room not only visually larger, but also brighter. That’s why getting light furniture – cabinets and shelves made of light wood, glass tables, and light upholstered furniture is what your living room requires.

It is well known that using dark colors and shades, especially black, is unacceptable in small living rooms. It is true, but if your living room is decorated in the style of minimalism with the use of dominant bright colors, then one of the dark interior design components is bound to well contrast with the entire interior and add mystery and depth to your room.

Use modular furniture

Modular furniture is the perfect solution for small living rooms. The main advantages of modular furniture are high functionality, versatility, compactness, and beautiful stylish appearance.

Today, furniture stores offer you a wide range of various modular furniture from which you can always choose those items that best suit your needs.

Thanks to modular furniture you can not only save the cost of updating the interior design of your living room, but also make your living room spacious and visually larger.

Install quality lighting

Lighting can improve or break your entire living room interior. To make your interior stand out, it is necessary to highlight it with high quality lighting. Choose lights that can make your living room flooded with light in the evening.

Thanks to the good lighting, the entire interior should look attractive. It is recommended to use different kinds of lighting for different areas to zone better your living room.

It is undesirable to use chandeliers as light sources – you are sure to get a cramped room due to the large size of the chandeliers. For a small living room, miniature lamps built into the ceiling – track or can lighting, as well as sconces, are well suited.