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The design and renovation of an apartment mistakenly start with small details or the wrong room. First of all, you need to think about renovating the kitchen, where the main thing is to choose the right floor.

In our country, the cuisine is not only a place where food is prepared and eaten. Here they arrange tea-drinking, socialize, and relax. Therefore, the design and renovation of apartments often begin with this particular room. Choosing the right flooring will either ensure the longevity of your kitchen renovation or result in annual waste.


In Russian apartments, linoleum can be found often. It is an inexpensive and practical material that is abundant in hardware stores. Besides, structures can imitate parquet or even tiles.

The main advantage of linoleum is that it is very easy to care for. No special care products are required for the material, which is very important for a place where people are often active.

However, sharp objects can damage it. And don’t forget the black stripes on your shoes!


This material is deservedly considered the most durable. Also, wet cleaning in a tiled room is not difficult at all.

Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, as they are completely made of natural materials. It is harmless to all family members: both people and animals. Designers often use tiles to create unique designs.
The only negative is the cold floor. Therefore, in combination with tiles, a “warm floor” system is often installed. It turns out more expensive, but more comfortable and cozy.


The latest technology in flooring design has become the most practical option for the kitchen. The polymer floor is resistant to absolutely any impact, has no cracks, and reduces the risk of flooding of neighbors. The huge selection of designs and designs for this floor adds to its advantages.

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Natural materials are always much more expensive than conventional materials, and they are capricious in their care. Cork is considered a floor covering for wealthy people. Yes, it is useful to walk on it, and it looks stylish. But for the kitchen, it can be a waste.

In any case, if you have started designing and renovating an apartment in New York, we will help you even with this difficult choice!

The general contractor will help you with this.

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